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Photo Booth Hire Cleaning
10 March

Photo Booth Hire Cleaning

Part of our commitment towards the highest level of service means our Photo Booths have to be regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure we do not have breakdowns. Anything we find that is not 100% correct gets automatically replaced.

As our booths are regularly exposed to environments where alcohol is in plentiful supply, guests that are normally mild mannered individuals can be a little rough towards our equipment. Despite our best efforts to keep our equipment in the best condition it can be on site, sometime the cleaning can be quite arduous and time consuming.

Despite our concerns and grumblings, we consider ourselves quite lucky cleaning the equipment at the highest level of standing on a box.
We were absolutely shocked to see the following people take the risks they do to clean their windows, it’s hard to believe people like this really do exist. Common sense has clearly gone out of their windows !


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Above: An old lady has clearly lost her marbles. Did she really think that anyone would notice the difference whether the windows were cleaned or not. I think she would have been better off washing her curtains first.


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Above: With the ladder just resting on that ledge, you would think that someone his age would have the sense to realize the consequences of these actions.


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Above: This makes us feel queasy just looking at this picture. Do you know anyone that would even think of doing this?


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Above: I guess if his day job doesn’t work out he could definitely join the circus.


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Above: Words just escape us for this guy.


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Above: They are all at it! This is somewhere I really do not want to go.


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Above: Someone really should have told her Window Cleaners are worth their weight in gold.


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