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Photo Booth Hire Bedford


Photo Booth Hire Bedford and Bedfordshire


Being local to Bedford and Bedfordshire has always been a great benefit to customers that have looked to hire Photo Booths for their party or event in this area.

The town of Bedford has some interesting facts about it that has always made us smile whenever we have visited. For example, did you know that during World War 2 the BBC had to move away from London to avoid the blitz and moved to Bedford. It was from here that the BBC transmitted everything from their orchestra to the news on a daily basis. This may be one of the reasons why Bedford has always enjoyed considerable funding over the years and produced many performers with considerable talent.

Another interesting fact is that Bedford has one of the largest concentrations of Italians outside of Italy in the world. This dates back to after the war when a lot of Italians were working at the county brick factories and when their contracts were finished, they settled in and around the town and eventually brought their families over to join them. Over the years various trades have been learned and unsurprisingly lots of Italian restaurants have opened in the town and surrounding villages. This may be one of the reasons why we attend a lot of photo booth hire parties and weddings in Bedford and Bedfordshire.
There are several locations for Bedford Photo Booths Rental is a very popular method of entertainment for events. We can also be seen at various wedding shows including at the swan hotel which is right next to the river in the town centre. If you do park at that hotel, make sure you register your car at the reception as you will get a ticket if you do not. We have always found the staff at this hotel being excellent, so if you want to enjoy a dinner or just a drink in the bar area, you will enjoy the surroundings.

The train service is something that is always being criticised as the line stops when travelling from London and does not have lines travelling to either Cambridge or to Oxford. But did you know there used to be a train line that travelled to Oxford and to Cambridge? It used to be called the Brain Line as many students used to use this direct line when travelling to various functions at either of the Universities. They didn’t have photo booths in those days at events but they could be found without the funny props at the train station.

Our last interesting fact about Bedford in Bedfordshire is that Glenn Miller was last seen alive at RAF Twinwood, which was just north of Bedford. When he took off from there in 1944 on a flight to Paris to prepare for his bands concert on Christmas eve, unfortunately he was never seen alive again. Kool Photo Booths would have loved to have had Glenn Miller inside one of their booths as we have worked with many celebrities over the years, which some have been lovely and some hard work but they have all had fun playing with the props and having prints to take home with them to cherish forever. 


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