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Photo Booth Hire St Albans


Photo Booth Hire St Albans

St Albans in Hertfordshire is quite a famous place for a number of reasons and not just because Kool Photo Booths are in regular attendance in the area. It is maybe well known that Stephen Hawkin and the more famous Sacha Baron Cohen both went to school in this area but did you know that St Albans is famous for bringing down the first giant airship the German Zeppelin after it attacked St Albans during the First World War.
Probably the most famous landmark in St Albans is the entrance to ‘Slade Prison’ from the 1970’s comedy series called Porridge. Not to stop there with the on screen credits, actor Tom Cruise surprised diners when he called into his favourite Indian Restaurant in St Albans a couple of years ago for a lobster and a chicken masala. It’s a shame that we did not have one of our Photo Booths in there at the time as he would have probably enjoyed dressing up in our props to have his photo taken.
He would be in comfortable company as there are a number of premiership footballers that live in the area and several have had their images captured in our photo booth hire in St Albans and in neighbouring Hatfield. As the world famous Elstree Studios is only a stone throw away, it is only natural that a lot of the beautiful surroundings have been used for film locations in a number of the biggest box office films. The list of film credits and celebrities associated with the town really is quite staggering and the most impressive of them all is that BENNY HILL lived in St Albans.

There are several beautiful wedding venues in the area, most of which we have entertained at. Along with this, corporate hire is quite busy in this area as well for photo booth rental and flip book booth rental.

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